Advanced Waist Trainer Bundle

$95.00 (NZD)

Classic Airhole Day-to-Day Waist Trainer

9 Steel-boned Classic Airhole Day-to-Day Waist Trainer. Designed for daily wear. Tighter than the 4 steel-boned Starter Airhole Day-to-day trainer.

You might have a general idea of your size, but to ensure a perfect fit, please refer to our Size Guide for choosing the correct size for you.


Advanced Latex Waist Trainer

Heavy duty 25 steel boned waist trainer. Super tight and solid. More strength for better result. Recommended for an advanced use.

You might have a general idea of your size, but to ensure a perfect fit, please get an accurate measurement. For more details about the size options, please check out our Size Guide.



This is a advanced waist trainer bundle. The bundle is including a 9 steel-boned Airhole Day-to-Day waist trainer and one 25 steel-boned latex waist trainer.

Difference between the Latex Trainer and Day-to-Day Trainer

Airhole Day-to-Day Waist Trainer: The Airhole Day-to-Day Waist Trainer is designed for daily wear. It has airholes for breathability. It is highly elasticated, which allow you to move around freely throughout the day’s works, but still tight enough to chastises the extra fat around the waist and gets the curves into shape that bring confidence in you.

Latex Waist Trainer: The Latex Waist Trainer is thicker and stronger, which means more compression and control. It will keep your lower abdomen and waist region tightly together. Latex trainer is suggested at the times when frequent bending over and too much moving around are not necessary. It is a good accessory for cardio. It will increase perspiration while exercise.

**NOTE — Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final and non-refundable, so please measure yourself properly and choose sizing correctly!

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Classic Airhole Day-to-Day Waist Trainer

Advanced Latex Waist Trainer