About Us

Waist Training has been one of the most sought-after beauty and fitness trends in the past months— popularized by Hollywood superstars like the Kardashian sisters, Jessica Alba, Lily James and many others who openly admitted all over the internet and media that they’ve waist trained to achieve that curvy gorgeous bodies they have.

Enviable Curves is a line of the most fashionable and efficient waist training products! We offer highest quality waist trainers and related accessories at reasonable prices. Our products are meticulously designed to best suit your fitness needs and to help you easily attain your ‘body goals’—whether you are aiming to lose weight, shape up or make your already beautiful body perfect to boost your confidence even more!

Unlike most waist trainers available in the market, ours are NOT corsets and, therefore, very safe and effective.

You can also use our Waist Trainers to do aerobic exercises. *Please consult your physician beforehand.

Any questions or concerns, please email customerservice@enviablecurves.co.nz anytime. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final and non-refundable. Please read our Return & Exchange policy and Shipping Information prior to purchase.

Our products are exclusively available in this online boutique (enviablecurves.co.nz)